Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vote 3rd Party

The big lie is that neither democrats nor republicans want change. Both are addicted to their power, their influence and their money. People don't get into the highest levels of politics because they want to give more freedoms to others...please! On small points there seems to be difference but this is only a charade. The truth is that our system of two party politics conceals the real issues that affect us as americans. The first and greatest issue we must truly deal with is how to remove the entrenchment of the ruling elites that control this country. The glib politicians, the lifetime bureaucrats, the scheming lobbyists, the ratings driven media conglomerates, the overpaid ceo's and the privileged Wall Street aristocracy. They want change like they want a nasty case of hemorrhoids. Because as they sit in their positions of importance, their self importance and egos ballooning to greater and higher heights, creating new ways to control us, to charge us, to keep us uninformed about their actions, no matter how well intentioned, they know we are their meal ticket. Without a giant group of people for them to corral from here to there like a herd of sheep, they would be without a job if we were allowed to make our own decisions for ourselves.

On November 4th send a message to the masters of the universe that their time is coming to an end.